Location: Dorchester County

Treehouses on the Edisto
LOCATION Dorchester County

The Edisto River is a destination itself. It's the longest free-flowing black water river in North America and it's dark waters are totally self-contained in South Carolina. One of the most unqiue experiences on the Edisto come with quite a view.

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LOCATION Dorchester County

The Birthplace of Sweet Tea is just as sweet as it sounds. What started as Pineland Village around 1785 as a refuge for plantation owners, Summerville soon became a railroad stop for the first passenger railroad in the United States and also was known as one of the best areas in the world for the cure of lung and throat disorders, thanks to their abundance of pine trees. Today, Summerville has a mix of outdoor experiences with a splash of their intriguing history.

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The Villages of Dorchester
LOCATION Dorchester County

Upper Dorchester County is nestled deep in the Lowcountry along the black waters of the Edisto. Thanks to financial support from the Upper Dorchester County Economic Development Fund and the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor, we were able to implement our South Carolina Great Outdoors initiative and really delve into promoting the vast outdoor resources here. They brought a branding idea to the table, so we got to work bringing it to life.

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