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Bulls Island
LOCATION The Lowcountry

This undeveloped barrier island is the largest (5,000 acres to be exact) within the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, and is one of our favorite outdoor adventures in the Lowcountry.

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Treehouses on the Edisto
LOCATION Dorchester County

The Edisto River is a destination itself. It's the longest free-flowing black water river in North America and it's dark waters are totally self-contained in South Carolina. One of the most unqiue experiences on the Edisto come with quite a view.

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Paddle SC's Revolutionary Rivers
LOCATION Florence County

The Revolutionary Rivers Trail is 66 miles of pure time travel. It follows the scenic Lynches River to the cypress and tupelo-laden stomping grounds of Revolutionary War hero General Francis Marion, whose guerilla warfare and nack for disappearing into these very same cypress swamplands earned him the name of the Swamp Fox and helped turn the tide against the British.

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The Palmetto Trail
LOCATION Multiple Counties

The Palmetto Trail is the largest trail system in the state, and currently one of only 16 cross-state trails in the nation. The 350-miler (and growing) is built in passages, making it easier to plan your trip by your specific preference of timespan and location. The trail guides you through every facet of South Carolina landscape, from our seaports to battlefields, mountaintops and forests.

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ACE Basin

The ACE Basin is one of the largest undeveloped estuaries on the Atlantic Coast where the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto Rivers combine into the St. Helena Sound. It's roughly 1.1 million acres burrowed in between Charleston & Beaufort, full of pristine wetlands, hardwoods, barrier islands, beaches, and marshes. Needless to say, it is stockpiled with an impressive inventory of animal and plant life along with outdoor recreation that you can only find here.

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Carolina Bays: Natural Phenomena of the East Coast
LOCATION Multiple Counties

Exclusive to just a few states along the Atlantic seaboard, the mysteriousness of these natural phenomena takes them to one of the top slots on our bucket list. Carolina Bays are elliptical depressions in the earth that vary in depth and size, but are usually marshy habitats that are extremely rich in biodiversity. Their origin remains unknown, with theories ranging from an impact event to morphing by sea currents.

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