Lake Jocassee: A Destination of a Lifetime

LOCATION The Mountains

Lake Jocassee is a massive 7,500-acre and 300-foot deep reservoir created by Duke Energy in 1973 (along with Lake Keowee). The bottom of the lake used to be Jocassee Valley, and there are many remnants far below the waters, visible only to scuba divers (there's even a scuba diving playground)! Many mountain streams, rivers and waterfalls flow into the undeveloped lake at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, making it an almost crystal green outdoor haven that photographs just cannot possibly do justice. Jocassee was named a destination of a lifetime by National Geographic, recognizing the surrounding gorges and the rare plant and animal wildlife habitats that surround her waters. 


Your only point of access is through Devil's Fork State Park. They offer lakeside cabins, two campgrounds, and there are also several private homes available as rentals. There is also an outfitter on site for canoe/kayak, pontoons, jet-skis, and stand-up paddleboards. There are four boat ramps if you want to BYOB. As maintaining Jocassee's pristine environment is of the utmost importance, this lake is known for it's boat tours that will help guide you to the many waterfalls, jumping rocks and swimming holes. If you time it right, you might can catch the blooming of the Oconee Bell (mid-March to early April), a rare flower that blooms only in this type of habitat found in the mountains of GA, SC & NC.

Interesting facts

The bottom of the lake was formerly Jocassee Valley, and there are many remnants far below the waters that are visible only to scuba divers (there's even an underwater playground). A hilltop graveyard with headstones remains more than 130 feet under water, and was used to film Deliverance in 1972.

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