Paddle SC's Revolutionary Rivers

LOCATION Florence County

The Revolutionary Rivers Trail is 66 miles of pure time travel. It follows the scenic Lynches River to the cypress and tupelo-laden stomping grounds of Revolutionary War hero General Francis Marion, whose guerilla warfare and nack for disappearing into these very same cypress swamplands earned him the name of the Swamp Fox and helped turn the tide against the British.

This trail map points out local outfitters and a series of short excursions and overnight rustic camping opportunities. If you're more into dry land, check out the self-guided driving tour options along the nearby Francis Marion Trail!

Along the trail you'll pass Snow’s Island, which served as headquarters, supply depot, and retreat for General Francis Marion’s partisan forces during the crucial winter of 1780-81. Despite extensive measures taken by Marion to insulate the island from enemy attack, continued tactical successes of the partisan forces convinced the British command that destruction of the camp was essential. In late March of 1781, while Marion repelled and pursued one British attack force, another under Colonel Doyle penetrated to Snow’s Island and destroyed the camp. Marion never used Snow’s Island again after Doyle’s raid and it is now privately owned.

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