What We Do

Outdoor Product Inventory

A complete inventory in excel format that details all outdoor resources, outdoor recreation service providers, unique accommodations and locally owned eateries. This inventory will then be assessed for market readiness. Qualified public lands will be placed immediately into the SC Great Outdoors database and then information can also be used to design an outdoor resource guide that is easily downloadable for visitor and employee reference. *See also, Collateral

Wayfinding and Interpretive Signage Plan

Our team will assess your current signage system and make recommendations for moving forward. The final product will include a written assessment, general recommendations for creating a signage program and samples of gateway, interpretive and wayfinding sign design, depending on your needs. We also offer complete signage master plans.

Training & Meeting Facilitation

Training (tourism hospitality and marketing) and community stakeholder meeting facilitation as needed to build awareness and support of your goals and objectives.


Depending on needs, we will customize a collateral package for you specific to outdoor travel. Popular items are sales and informational pieces (profile sheets for group tour travel shows, an outdoor guide or informational pieces for local government and industry partners) and travel itinerary building (tour recommendations that would be distributed or downloaded online).


What is the face of your community? What is the face of your outdoor assets? Our graphic designer will customize a fresh brand for you that can include anything from logos & taglines to letterhead and business cards.

Marketing & PR Planning

Aimed to assist you in meeting your specific marketing goals, we will utilize our professional tourism experience and create a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes a current marketing assessment, future objectives with success measurements, planning tools, sample ads, suggested advertising outlets, Public Relations objectives and a social media strategy. *Social Media also offered as a separate item

Advertising & Design

If you need a way for your outdoor assets to be included in your current marketing efforts, placement ready advertising is an important item in your toolbox. Our graphic designer will customize a package of both print and online ads that speak directly to the outdoor traveler.

Social Media

The only way to keep your social media audience engaged is to have a strategy in place. The complete plan will include a suggested social media calendar (a calculated method to streamline information through one or multiple social media platforms), an evaluation of current social media efforts with future objectives, and even custom campaigns!

Environmental Education

environmental education
Thanks to a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, we have a full time staff person dedicated to Environmental Education in partnership with the Environmental Education Association of South Carolina. Together we are forming a statewide coalition, building partnerships with the Department of Education, instating and building the database and taking steps towards collaboration and an environmental literacy plan. For more information on current Environmental Education initiatives including workshops and meetings visit www.eeinsc.org!

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