Who We Are

South Carolina Great Outdoors is a statewide initiative that makes sure visitors and locals alike know how amazing our outdoor resources are. From mountain hiking to coastal biking, we have it all and we want to share it with everyone. Along with promoting outdoor travel through this website and social media, our staff also works one-on-one with communities to make sure their individual outdoor resources are documented and promoted as well.

Background:South Carolina Great Outdoors is a program managed by the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor, a National Heritage Area in the National Parks Service program. In 2013, while doing research for a National Scenic Byway plan, we were reminded time and time again that our beautiful state is a premier international outdoor travel destination…we just need to make sure visitors and locals know that too! Thus, the South Carolina Great Outdoors initiative began, and we haven’t stopped since. The first step is this website, meant to be a one-stop-shop for everything outdoors in South Carolina. We hope you enjoy!

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